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About Neighborhood

The Forest Park East Civic Association is made up of residents of the East Forest Park Neighborhood in Springfield, Massachusetts. The association fights aggressively to ensure that the quality of life in our neighborhood is maintained by fighting adverse zoning changes. This group has fought to re-align the intersection of Abbott Street & Plumtree Road and has helped to get traffic lights installed. The association meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm in the EFP Branch Library, 136 Surrey Rd. Meetings are usually 1 1/2 hours. Please reserve some time to meet your neighbors and to protect the quality of life in East Forest Park.

East Forest Park neighborhood is located in the south central part of the city, beginning about two miles from the Central Business District. It is a medium size Springfield neighborhood, containing 1,231 acres, plus rights of way and water bodies. Principal boundaries are Watershops Pond to the north; the Town of East Longmeadow to the south; Schneelock Brook to the east; and the former Highland Division Rail Line to the west.

Abbott St
Agnes St
Allen St
Amanda St
Amos Dr
Arcadia Bl
Arden St
Arvesta St
Arvilla St
Ashbrook St
Audley Rd
Baird Rd
Baird Te
Bairdcrest Rd
Balfour Dr
Bangor St
Barry Wills Pl
Benz St
Bither St
Bradley Rd
Briarwood Av
Brighton St
Buick St
Burnside St
Burt Rd
California Av
Cambria St
Canterbury Rd
Carr St
Castle St
Chalmers St
Chesterfield Av
Chilson St
Clement St
Clough St
Colorado St
Coral Rd
Corcoran Bl
Cornflower St
Dayton St
Dell Pl
Dennis St
Derryfield Av
Dorset St
Dunbar St
E Allen Ridge Rd
Eddywood St
Ellsworth Av
Eloise St
Emerson St
Endecott St
Fayette St
Flower St
Ford St
Garford St
Garland St
Gates Av
Gertrude St
Gifford St
Gillette Av
Gillette Ci
Gilman St
Gorman La
Grandview St
Green Way
Groveton St
Hadley St
Harbour Rd
Harkness Av
Harmon Av
Hartford Te
Howes St
Hudson St
Intervale Rd
Island Pond Rd
Ithaca St
Judith St
Juliet St
Kipling St
Lancaster St
Lenn Rd
Loretta St
Louise St
Luden St
Mandalay Rd
Mary St
Maxwell Pl
Mayflower Rd
Moulton St
Mount Holly Dr
Newton Rd
Odion Av
Old Brook Rd
Orange St
Oregon St
Orpheum Av
Overland St
Overlook Dr
Packard Av
Palmyra St
Paridon St
Patrick St
Pebble Mill Rd
Pennsylvania Av
Perkins St
Pilgrim Rd
Pinecrest Dr
Plumtree Ci
Plumtree Rd
Pondview Dr
Powell Av
Quaker Rd
Regal St
Rencelau St
Ridgecrest St
Ridgeway Ci
Rita St
Roanoke Rd
Rockland St
Rockland Te
Roosevelt Av
Rosella St
S Branch Pw
S Shore Dr
Saw Mill Rd
Seminole St
Shady Brook La
Signal Hill Ci
Spencer Ct
Spencer St
Stony Brook Rd
Sumner Av
Sunridge Dr
Surrey Rd
Taber St
Terrace La
Thompkins Av
Thorndyke St
Treetop Av
Tulsa St
Vail St
W Allen Ridge Rd
Warehouse St
Wayne St
Wayside St
Wendover Rd
Westbanks Ct
Wexford St
Wheeler Av
Whittum Av
Winton St
Wood End Rd
Yamaska Rd

Neighborhood Schools:

St. Michael's Academy - Private Catholic K-8 School

Pope Francis Preparatory School - Private Catholic 9-12 School

Frederick Harris Elementary School - Public Elementary School

Mary A. Dreyden Veterans Memorial Elementary School - Public Elementary School

Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School of Excellence - Public Charter School

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